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ACHIEVE project : (2017-2022)

Updated: Mar 4

The concept of ACHIEVE is to design, manufacture and test an innovative and integrated mechatronic device which is capable of performing motoring, generating, power transmission, health monitoring and signal communications. The mechatronic device is essentially made of an electrical machine, an electronic power converter and associate controllers. Moving from the state-of-the-art brushed 28Vdc generator, the system developed within the ACHIEVE is a highly integrated motor-generator system with higher power density, lower weight and with fault tolerant capabilities.

Turboprop engine demonstrator with ACHIEVE integrated within its gearbox

Final ACHIEVE prototype before integrated to the turboprop engine

Key Results

  • Integrated within the Engine gearbox and tested at full speed, full power in both motoring and generation modes

  • Key technology for hybridisation

  • Can potentially be upgraded to 100kW level

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